Friday, 4 January 2013

How to pick your outfit for the day quickly

Everyone has the problem of not having any idea of what to wear, trying on and throwing to the floor half of the contents of their wardrobe, getting frustrated and getting nowhere. Well, for everyone out there, I created one of those flowchart things, I made it on excel, however it turned out so tiny, its quite unreadable. Instead I thought I'd simply make a written version.

So, to narrow down what you need to wear, you basically need to ask yourself a bunch of questions, and based on your answer, you can decide on what to wear.

Are you feeling like wearing trousers or a skirt?

Is this for work, casual or evening?

Is it hot, cold or mild outside?

Is it going to be indoor, outdoor or a bit of both?

So, if you want trousers, for casual, its mild and your going to be indoor and outdoor then:

Dark Jeans, a cute jumper and matching brogues
Dark jeans, a white chiffon shirt, grey ballet pumps and a grey blazer

Trousers, work, hot, indoor and outdoor:

Grey chinos, light pink shirt, tan accessories (bag,shoes, jewellery)
Beige chinos, navy chiffon top, navy heels

Skirt, evening, hot, indoor and outdoor:

Dark pink maxi skirt, tucked in black tee, large silver statement necklace, black heels
Nude/light pink maxi skirt, cropped khaki t-shirt, long pink pearl necklace, brown leather clutch and heels

Trousers, casual, cold, indoor and outdoor:

Black jeans, sequin beige jumper, beige wedge boots, navy coat for outdoor parts
Black chinos, burgundy knit jumper, oxblood brogues, gold accessories

For more outfit ideas: Polyvore Clothing Sets (sets designed by me for some ideas, some are very evening, for more casual ideas, go to the earlier sets)

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