Friday, 11 January 2013

How to do the Designer Deal - Without Breaking The Bank

We all dream of owning that perfect designer wardrobe. Admiring celebrities enviously as we follow every outfit they wear and where each item was from - even though we know that we'll probably never be able to buy any of the things that they own. So, I have decided that I'm going to share my inexperienced thoughts on how you can almost achieve that semi-designer look on a not particularly high budget.

1. Buy something expensive - But make sure its the right thing.

If you have just a few key pieces that are designer, or really look so, then this creates the illusion that most of your outfit is designer and gives the illusion of that oh-so-sought after designer look.

Key pieces that work well are a nice watch - say a Michael Kors - its not ridiculously expensive, but still looks gorgeous and adds that extra 'designer' touch to your outfit.

Next, a nice, designer bag. Now, this will be expensive, but if you save up for a while, every month stash a little aside, then you will be able to make it. For example, this Louis Vuitton Speedy - the signature bag - costs around £450 - doable if you save £50 a month in under a year. But this investment will last you forever and really adds to the illusion of any outfit to make it look that extra bit 'designer'.

3. Buy the rest of your clothes from Primark

This may sounds surprising, but maybe 70% of my wardrobe is Primark/H&M. I buy all my baisics from there - they really do have some great things, you just need to go to a big enough store, and try not to go during peak times, so its a little emptier and you can look more carefully. But my outfits are generally built up from baisics, with a smart balzer, and then I'll add a slightly expensive bag, a nice watch, some interesting jewellery (which is from Primark of course), and a big scarf maybe, and done, a designer-esq looking outfit!

4. Look through magazines, wait a few weeks, and then look through the high street.

These days, high street shops are becoming increasingly efficient at adapting new season's trends straight from the catwalk. A while back, when Prada came out with their see-through shoes, a few weeks later I saw Primark with really similar looking see-through shoes. SO you can get the designer look at a fraction of the price!

When you look through a magazine, and see a trend or a type of clothing that you like, wait just a short while, and you'll see most items scattered across the high street.

5. Make sure everything else is flawless

You need to then ensure that your make up and nails look good as well. Make up is one of those things that you can purchase a cheap option, but as long as you know how to apply it - it will look great. Watch YouTube tutorials to find the most professional looks that you can do yourself, and you can purchase some decent, but cheap make up from places like E.L.F. Also, you can do your nails yourself too - give yourself a french manicure, some white tip nail polishes are inexpensive and great like Rimmel's Nail Tip Whitener, which works really well and is only about £5.

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